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String Nguyen

Founder of The Trusted Voice 
+ Personal Branding Coach

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To increase creative vibes in the world. 

My concept of creative is fulfillment. The more we align our life with creativity and our purpose, the better society for me.

I believe that we’re moving towards a tech-enabled society, which allows us to be more creative and more human. 

Early in 2018, I received pre-seed funding from a creative startup accelerator, QUT CEA’s Collider. 

My startup is called The Trusted Voice, where we help business coaches and professionals become brand-creators. The more they know how to market themselves they can lead a fulfilled and 

If you want to see how I push things and iterate on the go – check out this link for my secret project: The 100.

I had this idea since October, and finally pushed out a landing page (status: draft) since 8 Dec 2019.

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