Behind String's growth are tools that have optimized her business and reach.

These are my favorite tools to help grow my business. If you’re an entrepreneur or digital nomad, then these tools will be useful for you as well. Remember, time is money and you should use it to delegate.

Not only can I connect the best services to you and your business - it’s my way to start a business or enhance the capability of your current company. Your time is limited, allow these services to help with your goals.


An engine (and funnel system) that monetizes your influence, community & content. String is a co-founder – this site is powered by TMProstack


Your virtual personal assistant – Here are some great examples on how I’ve used Twinsy

Create Non-Fiction

Apart of a writer's program, her first book "String's Fried Chicken Story" is to level up global credibility and brand. The book launches soon!

Social Bite

Grow your Instagram restaurant or foodie account HERE


Video editing that scales. String is an ambassador for Shootsta


String's event and media partner in Vietnam to leverage block-chain technology


Your analytics tool for social video: Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat

Marquette IP

Your Trademark Lawyers and Intellectual Property specialists


Your web-based project management

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